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ranger battalion of the u.s. army had to deal with. fighting a war where thousands of people on both sides lost their lives for freedom. >> i think we were able to succeed in what we wanted to do there. >> reporter: helping gain democracy was america's goal. the war started when then president george bush announced there was weapons of mass destruction. that is why this man is sue president bush. >> translator: i believe we were misled as citizens about the war. and we have to do something about that because otherwise, if this is right and we were misled this will happen again and again. >> reporter: san francisco state professor says the iraq war legacy will go down in history as being a bad idea. >> decades ago we had learned the lessens of vietnam.
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so the question is why did we need to learn many very similar lessons once again? >> reporter: at age 26 sergeant says he knows the war he fought in is controversial but one he will always believe in. >> i think it is going to be a controversial topic for probably the rest of our lives. >> reporter: he is proud of his service but anxious to move on. he is a college student and plans to graduate in the spring. reporting live in san francisco i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. certainly the human toll for the iraq war has been high. some 4,500 military casualties but the war is expensive. the question is how much. it is the reality check sam brock takes a look at the official cost. >> the operational costs based on congressional funding figures stands around $800 billion and
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counting. that is quite a large figure but miles away from what many experts see is the worst true cost. >> my greatest responsibility as president is to protect the american people. >> reporter: when he sold the iraq war to americans a decade ago, it turns out former president george w. bush was a little off on the cost estimate. he predicted a $50 billion to $60 billion operation but it is somewhere around $800 billion. here is a ticker of the running costs tabulated by the national priorities project based only on federal appropriations. you see the iraq war does come in around $800 billion but the executive director says that is a misleading number. >> this is the bearest of bones for the cost of the iraq war,
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potentially the most conservative number. others would want all of us to think of a number that took in greater amounts of economic complexity. >> reporter: so let's do that. look at more complex economic issues because we know the war's operational costs aren't the only ones taxpayers are going to bank roll. there is the interest on our debt from funding the war, expansion of va services for medical and disability care, hundreds of billions spent in base spending and the a.p. report out today detailing the money we owe family of iraq war veterans, vietnam war veterans and the civil war. we are still paying civil war reparations to families. >> that is quite right. there is a whole bunch of things that we could think about military pension, cost of health care, all of these things.
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>> the results of a multi year study overseen by economists, lawyers and political scientists puts the total cost around $2.2 trillion. one thing is evidently clear it is not $800 billion or 1 trillion the obama administration has estimated. not even close. i'm sam brock and that is today's reality check. we will be able to hear them but not see them when the supreme court justices debate the ban on same sex marriage no cameras will be allowed. the high profile case begins next tuesday. no cameras but the court says it will release audio recordings of the case within a couple of hours of the conclusion. also the search is on for a missing san jose state student last spotted in the santa cruz
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mountains. 22-year-old gab real smith was reported missing earlier this morning. records show a state park ranger wrote him a ticket for camping illegally in the park just hours before he was reported missing. a formal search and rescue has not yet begun but deputies are asking for the public's help. he is 5'10" and about 150 pounds. you have to spend money to make money. that appears to be the game plan for santa clara for landing super bowl l. kris sanchez joins us live from santa clara. not everyone is on board with that game plan. >> reporter: i think that is safe to say but the mayor says he is working hard to make sure his city doesn't lose money if it hosts the super bowl and is willing to give up key
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concessi concessions. folks who have opposed the stadium say he is making promises that he just cannot keep. the san francisco 49ers stadium is going up right on schedule. the work behind the scenes to bring super bowl l is no less serious. tonight the santa clara city council will vote to sweeten the invitation. >> we are going after the golden jubilee. it would be a boom for us for the entire region to get the 50th super bowl in. it is a small investment and a large return that it is well worth the investment. >> reporter: it is likely that city council will agree to give up the 9.5% hotel tax for 350 rooms. about $6 million in ticket surcharge revenue, about $25,000 in ticket fees and $4.54 per parking spot. the community group which opposed the stadium says
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forgoing income doesn't make sense. >> the nfl is a nonprofit corporation that should be paying their own expenses. having a small city as ours take on that burden is fiscally irresponsible. >> reporter: the committee is actively fundraising to back fill concessions the city makes but she says that could be a gamble that does not pay off. >> what happens if it doesn't? the america's cup in san francisco, they were promising to raise this money to pay for the infrastructure. it didn't come true. >> reporter: santa clara city council meeting begins at 6:30 tonight and then the super bowl bid committee presents their bid to the nfl owners on may 22. and the battle is down to santa clara and miami. and it is worth mentioning that miami has refused to give the nfl those concessions. so if santa clara didn't want to it would be a level playing
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field in that regard. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> we asked you what you thought about santa clara's move. do you think they are giving up too much. our flash survey shows 60% of you think they are. a mother and her 3-year-old daughter are recovering after their car went over a hill side. you see our nbc chopper on the scene. it happened around 1:00 near spring valley lane. it was shut down while crews pulled the mom and child from the wreckage. they were taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. ahead here at 6:00 ground breaking surgery helping one man regain the use of his hands. why famed restaurant in the east bay is now shut down indefinitely. i'm scott budman. from video games to your smart
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phone to your favorite luxury car, we take you inside the silicon valley company with all the built in technology. and $67 million solution and the plan that could crack down on crime all across the bay area. we're back in a moment.
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fighting crime isn't cheap. the new task force is part of a new plan to tackle crime hot spots. we bring in jodi hernandez with more on this proposal that chiefs across the bay area are already a part of. >> reporter: the 880 corridor is known as the corridor of crime. these deputy sheriff trainees will be ready to hit the streets
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of almeida county and they will free up experienced deputies to take part in the new east bay task force that will tackle the biggest crime hot spots. >> we believe that criminals do transport major narcotics and weapons up and down that avenue. we want to see if we can make a very substantial improvement in the safety in those areas. >> reporter: the sheriff is seeking a $67 million federal grant to create a task force of sheriff's deputies, oakland police and the chp to help make up for oakland's under staffed department and get a handle on criminals creating problems throughout the region. >> criminals in oakland just don't stay in oakland. they use the 880 corridor to go in and out of other cities. >> they have the crime problem
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but it's the criminals don't recognize borders. >> reporter: police chief ken james says 95% of emeryville crime is committed by people of other cities, often oakland. >> if we need extra help for a problem area, there are 90 experienced officers we can call on to give us a hand. i can't think of any chief that would say this is a bad idea. >> reporter: he says he will have his team ready to spear head the effort. >> we think that if we can have a direct approach on targeted areas we will be successful. >> reporter: congress woman barbara lee is behind the plan and she is doing her best to secure the federal funds. he would like to get the task force on the street right away realistically he says it will take at least a year and a half to go through the approval
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process and launch the program. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a bank robbery suspect released from jail is back behind bars tonight. he was initially arrested on march 1 after he allegedly stole more than $3,000 at gun point. 22-year-old oakland man was taken to the jail. four days later jail officials released him. he was charged again on march 8 and rearrested today. tonight free mont police are searching for a suspect who stole more than $25,000 worth of copper wire. investigators say someone broke into a storage yard. the thief patrol got in by driving a stolen fork lift right through the chain link fence. the suspect used the same fork lift to face 66 hundred rounds of wire on the flat bed of the truck.
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police are searching for a man driving a ford f-350 truck. a psychiatrist is involved in the case of a stolen yacht. a judge will determine if the man accused of stealing that yacht can stand trial. this was prompted by the defense attorney. he is charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing that 82 foot sail boat and running it aground in pacifica on march 4. today the board of supervisors voted to approve regulations that subjects electronic cigarettes to the same controls at tobacco. that means e smokers can't puff up in parks. e cigarettes cannot be sold to minors. health officials say the vapor
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pose a secondhand health hazard. the board of supervisors will take a second vote. a legislator is proposing legislation to make marijuana safer for patients. it would establish a division of medical cannabis regulation and enforcement. this would be part of the state department of alcohol beverage control. it would ensure that medical marijuana patients aren't exposed to toxic substances and will help reduce the criminal element involved. chez panisse will be closed longer than originally expected. opening day has been postponed indefinitely at this point. the march 8 fire damaged the outside of the restaurant as well as the porches. both top and bottom porches have
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to be torn down and rebuilt. the original builders flew in from vermont to assist with the repairs. let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> that rainfall is picking up. what you should know we are picking up orange and yellow in this line of showers offshore. we are not detecting lightning or thunderstorm activity and the bark is worse than the bite. we have so much dry air in the lower atmosphere that a lot of this initially is not touching the ground. even though the areas of yell skpoe orange which would be typically very heavy rainfall is more on the moderate scale with potentially a few heavier pockets. we are starting to get rainfall return at the coast line and near san francisco and on interstate 280. that is where it is going to be continually wet at least over the next hour and hour and a half. foster city and palo alto we are starting to get a few showers, as well. that will continue throughout this evening.
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let's get you outside to our live network. you will see the cloud cover increasing but the cloud covering low to the north. the lens is wet. the more you go up the peninsula the wetter it is at this hour. get ready for the traffic to slow down and for much dangerous conditions on the roadways. if you are headed out in san francisco do bring the umbrella or poncho. definitely expect showers for temperatures that are going to be in the 50s. on your forecast for wednesday we will keep that chance of showers in the forecast for the morning and mid day hours and afternoon. it is not nonstop rainfall through tomorrow. we will find periods of rainfall and clearing and more periods of rain mieving in. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. we will keep dry weather here as we head throughout thursday and friday with temperatures eventually warming up.
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spring officially arrives for tomorrow. much needed rainfall finally back on the doppler radar. >> perfect. a local tech company lays off virtually its entire workforce. and a nasa contractor is arrested after trying to flee the country. have you heard of the pants? the high end yoga pants that have some women bent out of shape. why they are pulling them from store shelves. why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. a company is rewarding its investors tonight. >> let's bring in scott budman. we photo shopping these results? >> these are the real thing. adobe investors are seeing real rewards. reporting quarterly earnings that blew past wall street estimates. people subscribing to products in the cloud. that is paying off for adobe.
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shares in stock jumping about 6%. here are the stats, thought this was the best way to show affymax. it is a drug company whose one drug failed. 75% laid off today. the stock down to about $1 a share. it is a drug that reportedly caused the death of five people. management says it is unsure about the company's future. better times for a company that by going mobile is helping several other companies grow, hire and help you get going. >> reporter: the same company that powered the special effects for the movie "life of pi" helped the young man on the left calculate pi to the 8th
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quadrilleiance place. >> i used one computert that i built for $5,000. >> reporter: graphic chips are used for everything from designing cars to putting mobile technology inside cars like this tablet that rolls along with this tesla model s. >> it replaces the buttons and dials in the car with a visual experience, google maps, beautiful navigation and all features of the car are handled here. >> reporter: as mobile technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, mobile chips like teg rabecome a bigger part of the business helping other companies grow by helping you shop with your mobile phone. >> when you take a picture and from that, that picture is recognized by our system. and then it would allow you to look at inventory that was
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exactly the same or similar to what you are taking a picture of. from that you can buy it. >> reporter: 3-d glasses, cars and movies all part of a whole new chip set. and unveiled a new way for companies to take advantage of the powerful graphics without the need for powerful desktop computers bringing the chips to mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. staggering new members involving alzheimer's and dementia. and janelle wang joins us with our world tonight. and we are live in rome as the pontiff delivers his inaugural mass. the new way bay area doctors are able to reattach severed fingers.
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it's a decision that changed his life. after he severed his finger in a freak accident an oakland man was told his only option was amputation. >> he decided to get a second opinion. marianne favro shows us how that decision paid off for him. >> not only was his finger reattached but he has full use of his hand that goes to a full procedure that uses nerves from a cadaver to spare patients from amputation. it is being used in military hospitals to help wounded soldiers but it is also helping bay area patients. >> at the top of the fence snagged my wedding ring and it tore all of the soft tissue off my finger. >> reporter: he remembers the day last summer when a freak accident severed his ring finger. he packed it in ice and headed to the e.r. where the doctor gave him one option.
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>> the only alternative was to have the whole thing cut off. >> reporter: he decided to get a second opinion fast knowing his finger would die without a blood supply so he came here known for pioneering the field of microsurgery. hand surgeon reattached the finger using a skin graph to restore blood flow and then used a new approach. the new procedure spared him from a second surgery. >> you can use cadaver nerves. you don't have the permanent numbness as you would on the foot. >> reporter: it worked. and as you can see from these photos his finger began to heal. the new approach could help more than just fingers. this new approach has also been used to spare soldiers injured in battle from leg amputation.
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he can type on his laptop and feel some sensation in his finger. >> i'm just gteful that i still have a finger. >> reporter: this procedure was also performed on a navy medic injured by a grenade in afghanistan. not only was his leg reattached, he can now jog again. pretty amazing. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00. a chinese national working for nasa has been arrested and charges with lying about electronic information he allegedly was trying to take out of the country. our investigative unit learned late afternoon the fbi arrested him as he sat in an airplane in dulles airport with a one way ticket to beijing. he worked at the langley center in virginia and took a nasa computer to china. the computers and hard drives
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could have had sensitive protected information. the arrest comes on the heels of another multi year fbi information here in mountain view. investigators tried to determine whether sensitive information was given to chinese nationals. the u.s. attorney for san francisco declined to file charges. several congressman want to know exactly what was given to the chinese and whether any u.s. export laws were broken in the process. when the senate considers gun control measures next month senator dianne feinstein's ban on assault weapons will not be part of the weapon. harry reid notified her the ban will be offered as an amendment. this comes days after feinstein's emotional exchange before a senate committee hearing. feinstein coauthored the 1994 assault weapons ban that expired after a decade. interest in renewing it rose.
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an exercise takes a tragic turn. seven marines dead and seven more injured after a mortar explosion. >> it happened at the hawthorn army depot about two hours south of reno. officials say the mortar exploded inside the mortar two killing seven marines and injuring seven others. the marines have issued an indefinite moreatorium. >> it is a tragedy and the president was believed and made aware of it immediately. we are monitoring the situation. >> reporter: it is used for military training as well as storage and disposal of ammunition. as we mentioned today marks the ten year anniversary of the u.s. led invasion in iraq.
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march 19, 2003 the first bomb. 53% of americans say the war was a mistake. over the past decade the price tag just over $2 trillion. 4,500 americans lost their lives as well as 100,000 iraqis. top officials say the war was necessary. and on the topic of syria the war keeps escalating with no end in sight. today accusations of a deadly chemical attack. the syrian government and rebels both blaming each other. the white house is looking into the report. if it is true it would be quote a grave violation of international law. president obama is on his way to israel tonight for his first trip there since being elected in 2008. there are low expectations that the visit will produce anything
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fruitful. president obama will also visit the west bank and jordan during his three-day trip. just off the west bank, rough seas continue for the island country of cyprus. today the parliament rejected a condition of the bailout package. it would allow the government to take a small percentage of people's savings accounts to pay for the country's debt. it is back to the drawing board for the president to devise a new plan. hundreds of thousands of people poured into st. peter's square today for the inaugural mass of pope francis i. dignit arys travelled to the vatican to be part of today's service. jay gray has been following the election and the fest tivities. we have been talking a lot about
6:34 pm
the style and now it comes down to substance, correct? >> reporter: you are absolutely right. it was a mass wrapped in the traditions of the catholic faith. but as he has done since his election pope francis managed to weave his own tone into the celebration here. he began this day as he has his papacy, embracing the faithful. >> very spiritual, touching. it is a pilgrimage. >> reporter: pulled so many to the inaugural mass. among them kings, presidents, the u.s. delegation led by vice president joe biden. but it was his connection with the crowd that seemed to be the most powerful including this moment when he stopped to offer a special blessing. >> with all of the people here the pope stops to greet a
6:35 pm
severely handicap person. i think that sums it all up. >> reporter: a renewed dedication to those he called the poor, needy and weakest among us, francis urging followers to protect one another. but as almost a week of celebrations ends francis faces the real and difficult task of trying to reform and repair his church including the vatican bureaucracy riddled by in fighting and scandal. >> he is setting a style, the message. the real message in terms of administration will be the choices he makes. >> reporter: after his choice by the cardinals. today fully endorsed by hundreds of thousands in st. peter's square. and after meeting with world leaders today pope francis i will have an historic visit with the man he is replacing this weekend.
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live in rome i'm jay gray. back to you now. still ahead here at six a little too revealing, the high end yoga pants being pulled from store shelves. rain developing throughout san francisco and south along the peninsula. if you are traveling that way take it slow on the roads. they are getting quite wet.
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in health matters new evidence of the nation's alzheimer's epidemic. a new report reveals how devastating and how deadly the disease is. what the report finds is that dying with alzheimer's and dying
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from alzheimer's are two different things. alzheimer's can exacerbate aging and be the finalal push even if it isn't the direct cause of death. they found that one in three adults over age 65 has some evidence of alzheimer's disease. alzheimer's now the sixth leading cause of death. dying of a drink. sugar sweetened beverages linked to 100,000 deaths each year. the study does not claim the drinks cause drinks but experts say the extra calories are related to obesity and diabetes, risk factors for heart attacks and strokes which can lead to death. the rain is starting to move in. >> that's right. for a lot of folks looking at the radar it is starting to get quite a bit wetter. the roadways are getting slick. we will let you know how long the rain will stick around in just a few minutes. and i'm scott reiss.
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the cal bears are bound and determined to get the bad taste of the pac-12 tournament out of their mouth. plus the harbaugh brothers reunited for the first time since the super bowl. any hard feelings? if you like shrimp, then you're going to love
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talk about your hot yoga. yoga pants by lululemon are being recalled because the pants are see through. there was an issue with one of the suppliers and that resulted in lulupants that are just too sheer. the pants were sold between march 1 and march 16. people in san francisco say the pants can be expensive but they are comfortable and last a long time. they were surprised by the
6:43 pm
recall. the company is working with the supplier to get to the bottom of the issue. lululemon is offering a full refund on the sheer yoga pants. if you have them take them back. >> very stylish. i see everyone around town wearing those pants. let's bring in jeff ranieri with the forecast. rain coming your way. we have the rain now starting to finally hit the ground. the bark was and still continues to be in some respects a little worse tan the bite. we have pockets of yellow and orange showing up on the radar. there is so much dry air that a lot of this is not touching the ground as intense as it looks. do expect moderate areas of rainfall where you see it on the radar. you are starting to see the most consistent activity at the immediate coast line. you can see we are picking up on the yellow and orange. it is coming down as moderate rainfall over the golden gate bridge and back towards the bay
6:44 pm
bridge. we have spotty activity in the san jose region. here is the problem. you are living in the shadow of the santa cruz mountains. we haven't had storms strong enough to make it over the mountains. you will continue to get spoto showers tonight but heaviest rainfall might get squeezed out. for the east bay starting to get in on showers here throughout livermore and free mont, hayward and oakland. and, of course, this rain is such a big deal. because of the rain we have not had in 2013. san jose was 1.47. the average for at least the calendar year, the beginning of it to date is 8.35. nearly a 7 inch deficit in san jose. that is why we think we can have drought conditions developing as we head to may and june. the camera lens has been wet. it is slick on the peninsula on
6:45 pm
101 and 280. you can see the rain drops creating a beautiful shot tonight. drivers are slowing down quite a bit and visibility being reduced with moderate rain. we have this area of low pressure, a cold front and then a huge stream of subtropical moisture moving in. you may have noticed it felt a little humid out here. we actually squeezed out a lot more rainfall if we had a few more dynamics happening for us with this storm. we are getting more of a moderate to weak system for us as we continue throughout the night and tomorrow. we have the rainfall lingering through 9:00 p.m. and then a small break by 11:00 p.m. tonight. may have lingering showers near san francisco. and then we will start to get in on the second reinforcing round of rainfall through wednesday morning. and then it will push down throughout the afternoon hours on wednesday. do expect periods of wet weather
6:46 pm
and periods of drying and then wet weather return as we head throughout wednesday's forecast. for tomorrow morning mid to upper 50s to start and a few areas of patchy fog. daytime highs cooler on wednesday. low 60s in the south bay. 59 in santa cruz and 63 in los gados. east bay right near 60 degrees. 59 in hayward and 58 in almeida. for san francisco temperatures expected to be near 60 degrees. and we'll go for 53 in bodegga bay. dry weather back thursday and friday. temperatures also start to warm up and we will get close to mid 70s for the interior valleys by the weekend. throughout next week we get another possible chance of showers by late on tuesday. so good stuff here. we are finally getting the rainfall and just take it slow out there tonight. >> a little out of breath.
6:47 pm
that was three minutes. that was like a mariah carey song. it is the hot ticket in town. thursday march madness officially arrives in san jose but the ticket madness is in full swing tonight. here is joe rosato, jr. courtsi courtside. >> reporter: there are plenty of reasons why they call it march madness. the men's basketball tournament is the crown jewel of ncaa tournaments but the madness can describe the scrum for tickets. reuben ramoes showed up at hp pavilion today hoping to score cheap tickets to the four tournament games on thursday. the venue is only selling all session passes at more than $150. that left him in a jam since he doesn't own a computer and doesn't want to buy scalper tickets. >> you don't know if they are
6:48 pm
for real or not. they recommend not to buy them through scalpers. >> it is very methodical scientific process. >> reporter: the science behind finding tournament tickets is like splitting the atom. tournament schools like calare given a certain allotment to sell but the 200 tickets are gone. >> the ncaa recommends going through the ncaa website or through an authorized resale agency. >> reporter: there is a thriving secondary ticket where tickets for thursday's games were selling for $1,900 to $1,600. said people can also try looking for leftover tickets on visiting school's websites like syracuse and montana. >> we are down to several hundred tickets remaining for the general public. anyone interested i would ask
6:49 pm
sooner rather than later. >> reporter: it is a basketball makeover in time for games on thursday and saturday, the fast break to fill the seats was on like a full-court press. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. our brackets are filled out. i'm rooting for san diego state. >> i'm voting for you. whatever you are voting for i'm voting for. >> scott is a stanford guy. >> i'm voting for scott. >> thanks for bringing that up. we start with football. when kicker among your biggest offseason concern you are in pretty good shape. the 49ers kicking situation this past season was kind of a disaster. consider that problem solved. that is because the team signed phil dawson to a one-year deal. he hit on 93.5% of his field goal attempts last season tied for the second best in the nfl.
6:50 pm
his new coach and brother reunited for the first time. >> how is the relationship in the wake of the big game in february? >> it's been good. >> stronger than ever. >> you were on david letterman and you said you all hadn't spoken yet. how long until you had a chance to talk? >> a couple of days after that. we have talked. we have had more conversations to think about family and fun stuff. we both got here a couple of days early. we were racing down the slide. we had a good time. >> former first round pick is no longer in the raiders plans. reports the team has given the agent permission to try to work out a deal involving his client. if that doesn't happen the linebacker will be released. baseball now. the regular season inching closer which means injuries
6:51 pm
become more of an issue. sandoval telling our giants insider the irritated ulnar nerve in his elbow feels better and the panda is optimistic he will be ready for opening day. meantime as/dodgers. straly on the hill for oakland. already 2-0 l.a. three runs, five hits. top five. the highlight of the day for the as. when he hits them he hits them. second of the spring but the dodgers win the game, 7-1. the ncaa tournament is underway. st. mary's playing right now. cal getting set to play unlv in san jose on thursday. the bears coming off a disappointing loss to utah. that was then. this is now.
6:52 pm
>> i think this team is very confident. we are not worried about what happened in the past. we are focused on one game. we know if we lose we go home. everybody is conscious of that and ready to step up and make plays. >> what you have to understand is there are 200 other programs wishing they were in the program and they are not and we are. you need to understand that five months of hard work has paid off with the reward at the end which is the invitation to the ncaa tournament. for those hoping to see a mascot practicing a touchdown dance you are in luck. here is tom brady and the easter bunny in a commercial. >> touchdown and then you pump your fist like that. you have to get your hands up. touchdown and then pump your fist. not at the ground, like the other team.
6:53 pm
touchdown right at the other team. >> no. you're not stopping traffic. touchdown and then pump. >> that is cute. >> she likes it. >> in my never ending quest to promote nbc bay area i suggested y'all hang glide through buildings. today what if you maybe dress up as the easter bunny and let your promo people go from there. >> cute idea. >> please don't suggest these things because it might happen. >> you are an idea man. >> working for you. >> for a full local half hour of sports coverage you can watch sportsnet central on comcast bay area tonight.
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coming up tonight at 11:00 he taught hundreds of people to shoot a gun. he says the tragedy brought him new clients, teachers. we explore the debate over guns in schools. have a great night and hopefully you stay dry. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> we'll see you then. bye-bye.
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>> "extra." [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra" -- lindsay out clubbing after court? 7 oh, no, she didn't. hours after having to go to rehab. >> i'm not surprised she'll party it up before she gets there. >> dr. drew sounds off on lindsay's last hoorah. but -- >> who is the mystery billionaire coming to her rescue? >> maria shriver back to work covering the pope. >> welcome back. -- maria, good to have you here. >> thank you so much, matt. >> is she returning full time to nbc news? "dancing" kicks off with a bang. >> what's up? >> thank you, darling. >> "extra" has every angle from the dance floor to the after party, why the bachelor sean was banned from taking his shirt off. and our surprise pop quiz for the new couple. now trending, selena gomez on the record about justin and how she made the biebs cry. plus, new pics. who is bradley cooper's new model girlfriend? then what happens when we send
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our resident bad boy to interview hollywood bad boy gerard butler. >> don't get married. >> you and i have to talk. >> how much taylor swift made with her mansion near the kennedy compound. >> renee is on the set of "ncis" and why she's giggling like a school girl. [laughter] >> welcome to "extra" at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. is maria making a comeback on nbc news? her surpriseind appearance on "today," that coming up later. first, will lindsay ever learn? hours after she was sentenced to rehab she was spotted partying like nothing happened. >> is this lindsay? only hours after court out in hollywood? the can you believe it report, she actually hit the club scene last night. that could be lohan hiding behind a purse or in the back under a blanket hiding from the paps. the new video apparently

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 10, Oakland 9, San Francisco 9, Alzheimer 5, Francis 4, U.s. 4, Lindsay 4, Nasa 3, Nbc 3, Nbc News 2, Nfl 2, Jodi Hernandez 2, Cal 2, Fbi 2, Dodgers 2, Joe Rosato 2, Vietnam 2, San Jose 2, America 2, Rome 2
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